FiFa World Cup decision Sunday

Bellaggio, next to the Vancouver Convention Center, Canada Place, has a welcoming sign for sporting fans needing a place to watch the game. (Nicosia Smith photo)

Bellaggio, next to the Vancouver Convention Center, Canada Place, has a welcoming sign for sporting fans needing a place to watch the game. (Nicosia Smith photo)

By Nicosia Smith

Come Sunday sporting fans around the world will be glued to their televisions.

And for what, to see the crowning of the FiFa World Cup champion.

One month of agony and defeat for some and marvelous joy for others will come to an end.

This world-cup has brought much lamentation for the host nation Brazil.

Namely, a 1-7 defeat by Germany in the semifinals.

And having to watch Argentina in the finals against Germany cannot be easy for Brazilians.

But this World Cup has also showed us that a team USA slogan, “I believe we can win” push the team out of the group of death. And this hope produced a record breaking 16 saves by team USA goal keeper Tim Howard.

I have embraced this world-cup like I have done many others, but I have lamented it as well.

Not only because teams I have supported have lost, like Brazil, but also for football itself.

While I have seen some teams fight to the last drop, others have given up so easily.

Others have disgraced themselves by un-sportsman like conduct. And whole teams have been embarrassed by their federations.

Financial disgrace, that is. Some teams did not have sufficient funds to sustain themselves at the tournament.

I love football, but much more needs to be done for this sport by the governments of these national teams.

So many children have attended these games and many of them may become players.

FiFa should ensure that they reach a better sport, worthy of the love it is lavish with.

So which ever spot you find yourself watching the game on Sunday enjoy, enjoy! I will be watching too.



FIFA World Cup brings Goal for television

By Nicosia Smith

Social media have quite a lot of power, but for one month a more traditional device takes the lead.

It is that time of the year when televisions around the world are hugged or threaten.

Yes, it is most cherished.

And why does the television become so important, in most of the world, two words FIFA WORLD CUP.

In Africa; South, Central and Latin America; Europe; Asia; North America and Australia, cheers and jeers are directed to the television.

It is an equalizer for one month (June 12-July 13).

In most of the world it will be the one thing that can get a conversation going.

But be careful. Tread lightly. Feel your way through first, before speaking badly about any of the 32 teams

World Cup T-shirt (Nicosia Smith photo)

World Cup T-shirt (Nicosia Smith photo)


Because it is also a very passionate time. Some come to bodily blows in defense of their  teams.

It takes considerably strong restraint to be neutral, and it is very difficult to think straight in the heat of the moment.

For the next couple of weeks, I will be watching more television sports than I did in the last four years.

And all of it will be football.

I will get additional news on twitter and post my updates on Facebook, of course.

Nevertheless, it is the television set that I will mostly watch. And if at all on the internet, it will be on the go.

Every four years I get a thrill and excitement from football that is unequal.

So, as the world meets in Brazil I join them from Brooklyn, through my television.