Let the artist in you come out

Alexandre Bilodeau and Fre’de’ric Bilodeau respectively (Google image)

By Nicosia Smith

I must say that the arctic winter blast has somewhat curtail my movements.

So far, I have missed the New York Ceramics Fair held January 22-26 and the Metro Show January 23-26.

The Metro Show was touted as 37 galleries and 37 points of view, covering the historic to the contemporary.

With my new interest in a wide range of cultural art works, I was especially interested in the Metro Show.

And well this week, it was just too cold. But not quite complaining.

Attending live gallery events, lectures and seminars widens my perspectives on the growing contemporary art world.

So I often look forward to these opportunities to learn.

The arctic blast has meant that I find my self catching up on the news – domestic and foreign.

And although, this process can be very disturbing, I was inspired by a feature on Canadian Painter Fre’de’ric Bilodeau, 28, with cerebral palsy.

Fre’de’ric ‘s brother Alexandre, 26, a gold medal skier, was inspired by his elder brother to achieve his olympic success.

I have thought much about Fre’de’ric since I have seen the piece.

The questions ranging from, how long it takes him to finish one oil painting and how does he handle those frustrating moments trying to complete his piece.

As we all are face with trying to succeed.

He was told that cerebral palsy will make him stop walking at age 12, but at 28, he still walks a bit, but uses a wheelchair a lot more.

His determination is a source for inspiration. Proceeds from his paintings are funnel toward fighting the disease.

This is why I love the arts, because there is that creative spirit and zeal in all of us, that if we let it out, it will soar.

As it has allow Fre’de’ric to do.