BPL exhibit says learn from the art around you

Elizabeth Felicella photo

Elizabeth Felicella photo

By Nicosia Smith

Art is everywhere and in especially places where you think not to look or consider, for that matter.

Case in point. Now and through February at the Brooklyn Public Library central branch, there is a photo exhibit that includes the library’s common areas.

Most times we go into the library and other places and rush through. Our environment, a second thought. Often too busy to observe what is around us.

The photo exhibit by Elizabeth Felicella, Brooklyn Public Library’s first artist-in-residence, is asking us to notice our surroundings. On 4×5 inch film inkjet print or digitally captured prints and through archival photos we get a look into the library’s surroundings. Stairs, the lobby, reading rooms, photos and maps of the present and the pass from the library’s Brooklyn collection.

“…It cast an eye on Central Library’s tumultuous past as well as its exciting future,” says Felicella.

Around 18 pictures are mounted in the lobby gallery and more in the Foyer Cases and the Balcony Cases on the second floor.

Elizabeth Felicella Photo

Elizabeth Felicella Photo

The exhibit educates passersby and encourage them to stop, look and observe what they have just moved across. The stairs they climb, the catalog they may flip through, or the lobby they have walked across. The lessons to be learnt from this exhibit are, take advantage of those moments around to learn. That is, we can take time to inquire about the origins and reasons behind otherwise, everyday displays.

Remember the things that surround you, helps to shape you.


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