Blessings Already for 2014

Your eyes have greeted the year, bless you.

For some it means anxious anxiety, pulsating fear and uncertainty and yet for others it is time for a rocking good time.

I am praying for peace, joy and fulfilment.

A new year, a chance for a new beginning and our expectations are high, as they should be.

I look forward to visiting and writing on some very interesting arts and culture events and landscapes. Like the 19th Century independent African-American village of Weeksville.

This village which consist of hour houses dating back to 1840-1883 gives a look at American history during that bygone era. And leaves lessons which are still to be learnt.

For this new year we must ask provocative questions that will be the basis for debates.

Brooklyn is a growing contemporary arts venue and a rival to Manhattan for the more intimate art space. I wonder why though, in answer, that’s another story of economic proportions. Certainly I look forward to venturing outside of Brooklyn and even abroad, to highlight culture and art that will educate and inspire.

So let the journey begin.

Here is to all the beautiful things the year will offer.

Gob Bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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