France saving Mali but who should

Photo Courtesy Google

Since the French entered Mali  January 11, the sheer scope of its intervention has made me think.

I have wondered about, the meaning of a sovereign state. For instance about independence, and the circumstances under which this meaning changes.

Here we have impoverished Mali, which has struggled to keep its Republic status.

This is an agricultural, gold mining and phosphate country with over 14 million people.

Its struggle to survive, it seems, has left little room to develop. Meaning the country is in such a state, it is unable to defend itself against banditry and terrorism.

A growing trend in Africa of squandering wealth, lack of governance and corruption is wrecking havoc on its ability to rule. So when a country is faced with trials like that of Mali, it is incapable of a defense. Mali’s current trials include jihadists and al Qaeda, which the French claims to be attacking.

Even, as the French root out al-Qaeda from Mali, what happens if they come back?

The African Union (AU) was slow in coming to the aid of Mali, as admitted by the AU.

I can only appeal for a stronger more credible AU. The political infighting, cronyism and corruption among AU members, must stop, to make it more useful. I wish the Mali people the best of luck.


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