France saving Mali but who should

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Since the French entered Mali  January 11, the sheer scope of its intervention has made me think.

I have wondered about, the meaning of a sovereign state. For instance about independence, and the circumstances under which this meaning changes.

Here we have impoverished Mali, which has struggled to keep its Republic status.

This is an agricultural, gold mining and phosphate country with over 14 million people.

Its struggle to survive, it seems, has left little room to develop. Meaning the country is in such a state, it is unable to defend itself against banditry and terrorism.

A growing trend in Africa of squandering wealth, lack of governance and corruption is wrecking havoc on its ability to rule. So when a country is faced with trials like that of Mali, it is incapable of a defense. Mali’s current trials include jihadists and al Qaeda, which the French claims to be attacking.

Even, as the French root out al-Qaeda from Mali, what happens if they come back?

The African Union (AU) was slow in coming to the aid of Mali, as admitted by the AU.

I can only appeal for a stronger more credible AU. The political infighting, cronyism and corruption among AU members, must stop, to make it more useful. I wish the Mali people the best of luck.


Barack Middle Class Savior or Not?

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Will Barack Save the Middle Class?

Another four years for President Barack Hussein Obama to stand at the white house podium.

And for Michelle Obama to work on the White House garden.

For many this election was a sign for renewed hopefulness, while for others, Obama’s term is nothing to cheer for.

What is known is that, we are in uncertain times. These times are demanding more from us physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Many are still recovering from the housing crisis. A minimum wage earner in New York City cannot afford the city rents. Some insurers, including mine, increased health insurance by over 20%. And food prices continue to rise. It is becoming increasingly difficult for many to live the American Dream.

I know the president, sympathizes with middle class struggles coming from that background. But for those of us trying to get into the middle class or falling out of it, sympathy alone will not work.

The president must set clear and define goals that he will achieve for the middle class. There must be a plan, to improve housing and to jolt stagnant wages through growth. There is also a growing trend of deteriorating workers’ rights. As corporations seek to grow profits for themselves, they have trampled on basic workers’ rights. The Obama administration must show its support for workers.

Mr. President, I will like you to champion middle class issues and the concerns of the poor. Because it is the best chance America has got. Just look at the Middle East uprisings.