West Indies victory the Beginning

(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

West Indies – the national team we love and most times dislike.

And now winner of the ICC World T20 World Cup against Sir Lanka on Oct 7.

Should I dare dream of something bigger and better.

Or is this another short tale, with an even shorter ending.

I love cricket, but I do not enjoy watching the dismal performance of the West Indies team.

Thirty three years ago they had this experience, image it, 33 years ago.

Team Captain Darren Sammy said they were inspired by the Caribbean’s shining 2012 olympic athletes.

If only they can continue to be so inspired, it will prove to be prolific for this struggling team.

So I too will join in the congratulations and cheers, but cautiously.

Because I will like to see this team return to its winning ways of the 1970’s and 1980’s.