Morgage paying wife and vacationing husband

By Nicosia Smith

A burden Jamaican immigrant complain to me in the laundromat recently about her vacationing husband.

While she is in the US trying to pay two mortgages, since September 1,2011 her husband is in Jamaica.

Although rent from tenants assist to pay the mortgage it is not enough.

This retiree said her social security and disability checks have to supplement the mortgage plus living expensive.

Lives apart seems to be a growing trend among Caribbean immigrants.

Both male and female are choosing for whatever reason to leave their partners and return to the Caribbean.

But what of their US families. Who pays the bills and maintain the mortgages.

After 27 years of marriage the woman told me she now “scorns” her husband. And he has become like a stranger .

This is not her husband’s first year-long vacation.

This was sad to hear. As if trying to make sense of it all she kept saying ‘it is not as if we are separated’.

I also got the impression that if the vacation resulted in income that came to the US, she would not mind his absence.

While in Jamaica the husband is apparently farming. An activity the wife claims is draining their finance.

She would like him to return to the US to his construction job.

Over the decades Caribbean immigrants have sent their children to grandparents and extended families in the region, or have left them there.

So it seems that some Caribbean immigrant wives and husbands are now following the path of their kids.


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