US Caribbean population still to recover

By Nicosia Smith

US unemployment rate is now 8.2% from over 9%.

But who is benefiting from the recovery.

The poorest of the poor has not seen a recovery. Instead they have seen cuts in education, social services and declining job opportunities.

This is especially true for the large immigrant population. Caribbean and other immigrants are working two or more jobs to survive and still can’t. For immigrants, it is the case of having two families to support. Your US family and family members, where you have immigrated from.

So it is even more of a struggle to pay bills or put food on the table.

The streets, of East New York, is a daily reminder to me of the struggles faced by nationals and immigrants alike.

It is the unkept children, ragged and expressionless, that often breaks my heart and reminds me of third world struggles.

Daily it seems, there is a closing gap between the third and the first world countries, and it is not for the better.

Case in point, the US is second to Romania for ‘relative child poverty’.

This upcoming election will be a test for Democratic President Barack Obama.

Because he will have to prove who has benefited from the recovery. A unenvyable task.


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