Caribbean Economies becoming Mainland China

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China is fast becoming a dominant power in Caribbean and African economies.

Take for example, simple infrastructures like schools, hospital, laboratories, roads and bridges. China’s money is taking the lead.

It is called partnership agreements.

But these agreements it seems benefit China’s policy of overtaking US and Europe in the Caribbean.

But will this partnership also see the importation of China’s other records.

Small economies like the Caribbean, will also find themselves, if not already, shifting policy more toward China’s liking.

The ability to shift power in the Caribbean currently belongs to the USA.

So what is wrong with China taking over?

Let us take a look.

The limited democracy we now have is likely to disappear, human rights, limited social and corporate responsibility and none or limited labour rights.

The region’s need for assistance will continue to mean that China’s money will be needed for decades to come. Except of course, Caribbean economies diversify and grow beyond tourism.


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