Police for Public Safety or Murder

by Nicosia Smith

Street Protest unsafe as police bruitality promote fear and spill blood.

From the US, South America, Europe and the Caribbean, the citizens are battling for equal rights. This week in Anaheim, California, a major protest erupted after police kill Manuel Diaz . Of course both sides believe they are right.

Last week, police kill three during a protest for lower electricity rates in a tiny town call Linden, in South America Guyana. Scores were injured. This industrial town with an estimated 60% underemployment and unemployment mainly survives on remittances from abroad.

Of recent, the world have seen scores of protest. Like those in London, England for lower university fees and the protest of the ‘Arab Spring’. In the Middle East, the young protested the lack of jobs and the right to have a higher standard of living.

And in every country of these protest, the heavy hand of the police have escalated the violence and has prolonged it. It seems that, the role of the police is no longer public safety, but butchery. It is the police that governments are increasingly using now to enforce their will, when they cannot manipulate the law.


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