New Caribbean Fruits with a touch of Bedroom Bully

It’s Caribbean flavor, complete with coconuts and sugarcane.

Off Kings Highway at 5716 Church Avenue sunshine or show, you can retreat to the islands.

For over 10 years, the taste and smell of the Caribbean has dominated this corner block.

Although under new management, as New Caribbean Fruits, the theme remains the same.

Lovey, a former nurse, is now sailing this ship.

Suppliers of homemade Caribbean snacks from Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago and Guyana furnish her stall regularly.

And she supplements with homemade pickles of mango, cucumber, onion and Tamarind syrup.

The business of fruit has a long history, with Lovey’s family, who are originally from Guyana, and operated a fruit stall in their homeland.

Lovey says generally when patrons see the condiments and Caribbean flavors its “like excitement.”

Dominican mangoes are mixed with Florida limes, Grenadian breadfruit and breadnut with Jamaican coconuts. There seem to be a little something for everyone, whose ties are Caribbean.

Fruit shipments arrive once a week or every other week from Caribbean destinations.

Herbal blends are also big at New Caribbean Fruits.

A floor model cooler labled, ‘milk and juice’ is stock with herbal concoctions with exotic meanings.

For example, Bedroom Bully, a herbal tonic by Zion Organic Inc., of Queens and Gigolo are among the tonics.

The vibes at the corner is cool.

,You can listen to soulful music like The Eagles’ 1977 hit ‘Hotel California’ on the radio while sipping on a freshly cut green coconut.

To the regular passersby it is another fruit stall, but for some Caribbean nationals it is an escape to memories thousands of miles away.


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