Joe’s Music and Dance Academy calls tots to dance

Tots as young as two-years-old, are taught rhythmic twist and turns.

While three-year- olds are instructed on percussions, piano or the violin. 

Joe’s President Jolander Headley says, “It’s been awesome…we’ve grown leaps and bounds.”

In May Joe’s Academy moved from 545 Brooklyn and Mable Avenue to 5712 Church Avenue with 25 to 30 students. Enrollment has since quadruple and according to her husband and vice president Grantley, the academy now has over 100 students. And a larger studio at 114-04 Farmers Boulevard, St. Albans has over 200 students.

In 1998, Joe’s Academy was established by Jolander and Grantley, both natives from Trinidad and Tobago. Jolander, a Juilliard School graduate specializes in Piano and Grantley, a Queens College graduate, specializes in base guitar and violin.    

The cultural mix in Brooklyn, says Jolander is strongly reflected in their programs.

So if a student wants to learn jazz, gospel or the more popular piano they can. Or their fancy maybe to stretch their muscles with classical or contemporary moves, this is also on hand.

For Jolander, Joe’s Academy is as diverse as its music and dance programs. Of the 45 staffers 41 are instructors with roots from the Caribbean and across Europe, including Russia and Poland. Throw in South and Central America as well and you have staffers from Brazil and Argentina.

Dance programs include, but are not limited to Ballet; Modern; Tap; Hip Hop; Jazz; Liturgical; African and Step dances. Or blow, beat, and pluck the strings of the Piano; Violin; Viola; Cello; Guitar; clarinet; drumsor steel pan among other instruments

Jolander says the Church Avenue location has allowed them to offer more genres and increase their dance programs, as compare to the Brooklyn Avenue location.

Already the new location, 9000 square feet, is becoming a tight fight and Jolander admits that they may soon need more space.






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